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Best North Indian Food

Not just butter chicken or dal makhani.Vote wisely.

Best Microbrewery

Way higher than your theka desi sharaab.

Best Pan Asian Restaurant

Chinese or Japanese, will you tell us please?

Best Healthy Cuisine Restaurant

Tell us what you know, but 10 push ups before you go.

Best Bakery & Confectionary

A whiff in the air, looking for the best bakery out there!

Best Vegetarian Restaurant

Calling all Shudh-Shakahaari , ab masaledaar khane ki baari.

Best Café

Pasta crave or coffee date, there’s always a café that’s just great.

Best Debut

The new, known to only a few...

Best Food Pop up Kiosk

Little shops that are the best hops.

Best Desserts

Sin. Just coz it’s in.

Bartender of the year

Making alcohol happier, and you, peppier.

Best Night Life Venue of the year

Who’s your knight for the night.

Chef of the year

They have the knack, and they’ve got our back

Restaurateur of the year

Lets toss for the boss.

Time’s up! Sorry your vote will not be counted. Stay tuned to know about the winners!